Wrestling for Kids

Our youth wrestling classes are for kids from 5 to 15 years old. We train boys and girls together so that both genders learn to treat each other equally and with respect. These activities give kids the opportunity to burn off excess energy they may have left after a school day.
Easy, Medium
5-15 years old
8-18 people
60 min
Tuesday, Thursday – 5pm
Saturday- Open Mat 10am
Youth Wrestling
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Class Benefits

Our youth coaches have all wrestled at the most elite American collegiate level (Division 1 NCAA), and have spent time themselves wrestling as kids. So they know what’s important at this stage: learning a proper foundation of folkstyle wrestling techniques–takedowns, sit outs, tilts, gripping, bringing your opponent down to the mat, etc. Our coaches do an excellent job of blending this technical teaching with a fun, social environment. The goal here is to help children develop positive social skills by creating a friendly atmosphere in the group.

Register your child today for wrestling at American Combat Gym. You’ll give them an experience and skill-set that will enrich their lives all the way into adulthood. Ask any man or woman who wrestled as a kid, and they’ll tell you it gave them a level of strength and confidence they wouldn’t have had otherwise.  

We offer one free session to all beginners, which means your child can try out a class with no obligation whatsoever.  

Just leave a request to find out more, or enroll your child in his or her first wrestling class today!

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