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Our Coaching Team

Head Trainer

Scott Synold

Scott Synold is a strength and conditioning trainer with 28 years’ experience in coaching everyone from 5-year-olds and fitness models to Olympic baseball players and UFC fighters.  

He’s a graduate of the University of Wisconsin, where he was a 9x Big Ten Champion in track and field. Today, in addition to being the #1 trainer in South Florida, he’s an avid Ninja Warrior competitor.

 Scott agreed to come join our growing team, and we couldn’t be more thrilled for our members and fighters!  

He is running all of our strength and conditioning for everyone—kids, mothers, fitness competitors, as well as the professional fight team. 

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Frequently asked Questions

Do I need previous experience?

There is no experience needed, our coaches are ready to start your journey from day 1. Let us know when you get started what your level of experience is so we can tailor your training experience perfectly for you.

What kind of equipment will I need?

Great question! For No-Gi (The Gi is the traditional martial arts kimono or uniform) you will wear grappling shorts and or leggings and a Rash Guard or Tshirt. A mouthguard is also highly recommended. We recommend our high quality gear available now ask our pro shop for the Grapplers Package!

Is the introductory lesson really free?

Absolutely free! We are so confident you will love your experience with us we want you to know it for yourself! Come in and see why everyone is joining our growing family!

What do I need to wear?

Shorts and or leggings and a T-shirt will work when you start. We offer High Quality ACG Rash Guards, Shorts and Shirts in our Pro Shop ask for our clothing options today!