Mixed Martial Arts

This is a non-sparring class that introduces you to techniques and concepts that will prepare you for future MMA sparring sessions. The only special class where you will train under the guidance of 3 of our best coaches at the same time. The workout is divided into two parts: 45 minutes of Muay Thai MMA and 45 minutes of Special MMA Wrestling. MMA fighters love this training very much, as the tasks and exercises are as close as possible to the fight situation. The workout is suitable for all levels.
Low, Medium, High
6-18 people
60 min
90 min
Thursday 11am
Saturday 12pm (open mat)
MMA hero
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Class Benefits

In addition to our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), boxing, wrestling and kickboxing programs, we invite you to join MMA classes

These sessions help to “bridge the gap” between the many disciplines we teach here, and show you how to effectively combine all of this knowledge and draw on it effectively during combat or simulated-combat situations. For example, we will focus on takedowns and defense on the open mat as well as the cage fence, basic ground moves and the pound, how to get back to your feet effectively, and other MMA strategies.

Discover the world of mixed martial arts at American Combat Gym and join today!

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