At American Combat Gym, we train everyone from beginners to professional fighters. Unlike pure boxing, Kickboxing, as the name implies, incorporates punches with kicks and other strikes.
Low, Medium, High
6-15 people
60 min
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Class Benefits

One of the most intense workouts in our gym. Classes are held daily, but every day – you’ll get a different program:

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday are days when more attention is paid to punching and kicking technique.
  • Tuesday is a day just to work the pads. We learn how to hit and hold kickboxing pads – a very interesting and necessary experience in martial arts.
  • Thursday is kickboxing sparring day. Everything takes place under the guidance of a trainer who monitors the process and helps with advice.

When practiced properly, it offers something for everyone: 

  • fitness
  • weight loss
  • self defense
  • competition
  • flexibility
  • conditioning  

All you need is a positive attitude and a simple desire to learn.

Each workout is unique and includes heavy bag work, partner work, and pad work.  And it is not necessary to spar; our coaches select the load based on your experience.

Regular training has improved the lives of every student in our gym.  You can build fitness, increase self-confidence, and give yourself a positive and constructive way out of stress.  Kickboxing is an intense and holistic martial art that can help you with your body and mind.

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