Learn and master the basic techniques and combinations of boxing. You will learn punching, foot working, combos, defense, ring skills while improving your fitness through hard training. In this class we use a combination of work with a partner, on boxing pads and with a heavy punching bag. Perfect for everyone from beginners to pros.
Low, Medium, High
6-12 people
60 min
Mon, Wed, Fri
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Class Benefits

Boxing is one of the oldest and most famous types of striking techniques. This discipline requires agility, timing and technique. 

Students will learn how to perform all basic foot working, punching techniques as well as defensive techniques such as parry blocking and head movement. Sparring is not obligatory in our training, it is optional. But you will have to give your best on a heavy bag.


If you already have a foundation in boxing, our advanced boxing classes will absolutely allow you to level up your game via new combinations, advanced footwork, and speed drills, all of which are more sophisticated in this class. All students need head coach approval to join this class. 


If you are ready to test your strength and practice your skills in a controlled and safe environment, then sparring is for you!  If you’re ready to spar in a safe environment and challenge yourself, come and join the weekly sparring sessions at the American Combat Gym. In sparring, we use light contact and strikes, under the supervision of our trainers, to ensure a safe environment for everyone.  

Before entering the sparring class, you will need the head coach’s approval.

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