Boxing for Kids

American Combat Gym is offering a free lesson Boxing for Kids to all new students!

Spaces are limited, so you’ll need to get in quick to secure your spot! Our classes are divided into separate age groups:

* 4 to 6 years old

* 7 to 12 years old

* 13 + years

The classes are well-structured but with a relaxed feel, so there is always a lot of fun and laughter

Easy, medium
4 to 6 years old
7 to 12 years old
13 + years
6-15 people
60 min
Tuesday , Thursday 6pm
Saturday 11am
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Class Benefits

Boxing For Kids from 4 to 6 years old

American Combat Gym boxing classes offer a fun way for girls and boys aged 4+ to get fit and learn the spirit of boxing, one of the world’s oldest and most rewarding combat sports. During our classes, kids learn how to move like boxer and punch, but they will not have physical contact with other kids.

Boxing For Kids teaches coordination and ways to move the body. Your child will learn through a range of exercises including punching the bag, shadow sparring and punching with our coach or assistant trainer. We also include fitness boxing exercises, such as running through ladders and skipping.

Our little boxers love the physical workouts as well as the social interaction. Our coaches make sure every class has plenty of good boxing training and fitness which the boxers love. It is safe for boys and girls from age 4.

We use positive reinforcement and lots of feedback to help the kids in our boxing classes build their confidence in themselves and their skills. We also share feedback with parents so you know how your kid is progressing and you can be proud of them too.

Have fun and make new friends. Exercise should be fun, and that’s our focus at American Combat Gym. We encourage a healthy, active lifestyle that enables you to enjoy life to the fullest. We encourage a supportive community so that connections can be made in the class and shared beyond the walls of the gym.

Boxing For Kids from 7 to 12 years old

Our Boxing For Kids classes in Deerfield Beach offer your child the best aspects of boxing: coordination through foot movement, physical fitness, agility and enhanced reflexes. Our instructors accomplish this by focusing on non-contact drills.

The classes will get you running, jumping, skipping, punching bags, and working with a partner to improve hand-eye coordination and overall fitness.

It is also an unrivaled form of physical exercise and enormous fun, too. Enroll your child in Boxing For Kids, and they will experience the sport in an inspiring and safe environment.

Boxing For Kids from 13 + years old

Give your child a gift that will be useful to them in life. With Boxing For Kids, your child not only will learn about punching technique and movement, but will also improve their self-discipline, confidence and self-respect.

Our classes focus on:

  • Self confidence and motivation
  • Enhancing motor skills
  • Fitness and practical self defence
  • Heavy Bag work
  • Weight loss
  • Partner work
  • Boxing skills
  • Skipping
  • Developing core strength
  • Foot work

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