Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


Our Coaching Team

UFC Fighter 3rd Degree

Charles “The Chainsaw” McCarthy

Charles is the head coach of ACG. As a former UFC fighter and long time trainer to UFC fighters, Charles has developed a teaching style that suits all levels from beginner to world class. An expert in finishing fights, Charles has over 20 years experience teaching his unique skillset. Come in and see why top competitors travel the world to learn from him!

5X BJJ World Champion 2nd Degree

Talita “The General” Alencar

We are so fortunate to have The General at ACG. Talita is currently the #1 ranked woman in the world and is a 5X BJJ World Champion! She brings with her 20 years of experience and is one of the most sought out teachers in the world! A specialist both in and out of the Gi Talita has proven to be the most dominant BJJ artist anywhere!

Professional Fighter Black Belt

Matthew “The Hammer” Wagy

Matt was an amateur and professional MMA champion as well as a medalist in Judo in the Junior Olympics. He is also the first Combat Grappling Champion. With a lifetime of experience in Wrestling, Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Matt has all of the skills and experience to lead our wrestling program.

World Class competitor and coach Black Belt

Devin Moultrie

Devin is a world class competitor with wins over world champions. While known for his prowess on the competition mat, Devin is best known for coaching some of the most famous UFC fighters in the world! Sought after for his unique and graceful blend of BJJ, Devin has a perfect lesson for every situation!

BJJ Black Belt

Thiago Alves

Thiago is a multiple time BJJ champion and a black belt under famed world champion Ricardo Cyborg Abreu. We are excited to be able to learn from such a valuable resource!

Ricardo Liborio Black Belt 2nd Degree

Ryan Markish

Ryan is known for his incredible No Gi game specializing in Butterfly Guard and Leg Locks. He grew up wrestling and transitioned into BJJ earning his Black Belt under legendary World Champion Ricardo Liborio. The founder of The Lab, Ryan is always pushing the edge of of how far we can push our sport.


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Frequently asked Questions

Do I need previous experience?

There is no experience needed, our coaches are ready to start your journey from day 1. Let us know when you get started what your level of experience is so we can tailor your training experience perfectly for you.

What kind of equipment will I need?

Great question! For No-Gi (The Gi is the traditional martial arts kimono or uniform) you will wear grappling shorts and or leggings and a Rash Guard or Tshirt. A mouthguard is also highly recommended. We recommend our high quality gear available now ask our pro shop for the Grapplers Package!

Is the introductory lesson really free?

Absolutely free! We are so confident you will love your experience with us we want you to know it for yourself! Come in and see why everyone is joining our growing family!

What do I need to wear?

Shorts and or leggings and a T-shirt will work when you start. We offer High Quality ACG Rash Guards, Shorts and Shirts in our Pro Shop ask for our clothing options today!